Help and FAQ about Wanty

Need help? You can find answers to major questions. If we do not resolve your doubts, you can always contact us directly via this link.

Using Wanty

At what age can I use Wanty?

Because Facebook's own rules, Wanty can only be used by people who are 17 years or older. All people under 17 years can download Wanty but can't log in. So what determines whether you can use Wanty or not is your age in Facebook.

Is wanty 100% free?

Yes! completely. You should not pay anything to meet people or for any functionality of the app

Why should I register only with Facebook?

To use Wanty you must do so through your Facebook account. This is needed for several reasons:
1. It's a filter to ensure that people who use Wanty are real and not invented
2. Because is much more comfortable, with one click you are already registered and do not need to fill in any information fields

Contact requests are 100% anonymous?

Yes, does not matter if you put or to an user. They don't know who has done this. Wanty only adivce users if both have indicated they want to meet anonymously.

How I can talk to someone in Wanty?

If only the other user has indicated he wants to know you, you can not talk to him. Wanty only generates a matching if two users both have indicated they want to meet anonymously.

What cities, places, events... are available?

For now Wanty is only available in Spain. There are places and events in Barcelona, Valencia, Tarragona and Girona. Wanty expansion is being gradually to ensure that the best places and events in each region appear. We are monthly updating new areas, so stay tuned! You can also find events from other parts of the Spain and music festivals.

I can't find an event/place and I would like it to be in Wanty

We introduced the main events and places in each city, but are not always all we would like. If you think there is some event/place that should be in Wanty, send us an email with your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to analyze it.

At the end of an event, why am I still registered in it?

In one event you can find people who have said that they will attend to the event the same day along with people who usually attends but maybe not today. Joining an event of a particular day, for example on Friday, on Saturday you will continue attending because you move from being an "almost certain assistant that day" to a "regular attendee". Can you imagine that the love of your life will go on Saturday to a local who you regularly attend but that particular day you had not thought to go? This can probably change your mind... And this is the reason because we do this in that way ;)
You can also drop out any event any time if you wish.

Privacy and personal data

What part of my Facebook data are used by Wanty and why?

- Name, because it will be displayed in your profile (not surname)
- Age, because will be displayed on your profile and it allows you to connect people close to your age
- Gender (man/woman), because you can connect with people that you prefer
- Facebook photos, so you can customize your Wanty's profile with the Facebook photos you want
- E-mail, so you can receive notices and news about Wanty. If you don't want to be informed and to miss the news, at any time you can cancel your subscription
- Friends list, because you will see the friends you have in common with other users

Wanty and Facebook cares a lot about the privacy and comfort of their users. We do not publish anything on your Facebook wall or send invitations without your permission.

What personal information is available to other users?

Only by creating an account or log in into Wanty, users will not see you, you will be invisible to them. Only they see you when you also want to see other users, that is, when you indicate you will attend to an event in Wanty. If you are not attending to any event, no one will see you and you can not connect with anyone.

If you are attending on an event, the other users can view from you:
- Your name, but not your last name
- Your age, but not your birthday
- Between 1 and 6 Facebook photos of your choice (depending on whether you have Android or iPhone), but not all your photos
- Mutual friends, but not all friends
- City you have set in Wanty as current zone, but not your home or city

Can I delete my profile and data permanently?

If you want to stay invisible in Wanty to other users, only with drop out of events it's enough. If you want to delete all your actions in Wanty, including matches, profile and friends, you can delete all your data from our servers using this link. This action is irreversible, if you continue you will lose everything, which means that if you want to come back to Wany you must start from scratch.

Bluetooth and location (iPhone)

Why I need to activate the location service using Wanty?

In Wanty we don't activate your GPS, but we use the location service. This is necessary so you can indicate that you are exactly in one event and improve the experience of meeting people who are near you. But don't worry, if you haven't registered in any event, no one can know where you are, even if you have activated the location. Also if you're not going to that place physically, we won't be able to locate you.

Why I should activate Bluetooth in certain zones (cities) of Wanty?

We have developed a technology that works with the Bluetooth on your phone and this is used to detect physically when you are physically attending into an event that you've signed up previously, so you can see what other people are there and they can also see you. Don't worry, if you haven't registered to any event and you aren't also not physically attending there, no one can know where you are, even if you have the location and the Bluetooth services activated.
This technology is not available in all Wanty events, as it requires some own devices (beacons) that are physically installed in the event.
Also, activating Bluetooth will allow you to receive special promotions (discounts, free tickets, gifts ...) of your favorite places and events.
And don't worry about the battery of your smartphone, this technology consumes very little, much less than GPS technology.

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